Why Choose A Piazza Pizza Oven

The Famous Piazza Pizza Oven is handmade in New Zealand under the supervision and hands-on experience of Mike Sarich, our chief designer and manufacturer. We bring the finest quality materials together with careful attention to detail, to ensure your pizza oven exceeds your expectation.

It's all in the base! Our complete Pizza Oven bases, whether you go for the insert or free standing option, come with years of research and development. Featuring our EfficHeat™ Technology, our bases are fast heating and hold the heat while evenly dispersing the energy around the oven base. These key features set Piazza Pizza Ovens apart in the industry. Our Ovens perform comfortably alongside the most efficient wood fire pizza ovens in the world.



choosing your Pizza oven

Basically we have two different domestic pizza ovens available, the Gem and the Tasman. These ovens differ in size, the Tasman being the larger of the two ovens. You can buy either oven complete with base or without a base.

Firstly, you can simply purchase either oven without a base and build your own base. This would become a fun DIY project with the family. We do recommend you follow our 'how-to' guide when it comes to building your base.

Secondly, you can buy either size oven with our Piazza base attached. When choosing a base, you can either choose the base insert option or opt for a complete free standing base. The insert option is flush with your granite table.

Once you have made your decision on the oven and base type, you can also purchase one of our beautiful wooden tables. Our tables are handmade to suit both the Gem and Tasman, whether you choose the insert or free standing oven. 

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Our Promise

At Piazza Pizza Ovens, we are big on research and development. We have been able to adapt our products to suit the rugged and harsh conditions that both our pizza lovers, and the climate can place on our pizza ovens.

We not only guarantee you a top quality oven but we will stand by our products with a full manufacturers warranty for 1 year.  We also provide you with helpful information about your oven and an ongoing support service. 


How to Make Pizza Dough

With many hours and thousands of pizzas cooked, we have created a simple yet great dough recipe for you. Its a crime of passion to enjoy, you can spread this activity over the day. Good things take time, especially a great pizza dough. So click through below and enjoy pizza making!

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