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Piazza Pizza Oven Parts, Bases and Accessories are all made locally in New Zealand. They are designed and built to work well with our Piazza Ovens but can also be used for any work carried out in the Pizza making industry. Our products are built to last and to handle heavy use.

Feel free to look through our options below. We have a range of pizza oven parts available if you want to carry out your own projects. If there is something that you are looking for that is not here please call or inquire about it. 

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Gem/Tasman Free Stand Base

Our Free Standing Bases are designed with mobility in mind. Made from high gauge heavy duty powder coated steel with EfficHeat™ Technology. They come with a machined granite hearth to bring a quality low maintenance cooking surface. 


Gem/Tasman Insert Base

Our Insert Bases come to suit either the Gem or Tasman oven. This base can be inserted into one of our tables, or your own hearth. Be sure to see our instructions on how to install this base. There are correct specifications to consider before you begin your project. 


Pizza Oven Parts & Bases: Features

  • EfficHeat™ Technology - base design reduces the time to heat the cooking base whilst dispersing even heat during the cooking process.
  • New Zealand Made Stainless Steel Fabrication.
  • Granite Cooking Top - laser etched grid for flatter finish & protection from cracking.
  • Full 1 year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Installation Instructions Included.
  • 4 x Short Legs 200mm (Free Stand Only)
  • Width: 950mm (Gem) | 1850mm (Tasman)
  • Height: 330mm (Free Standing)
  • Height 130mm (Insert Style)
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Standard Tool Set

Our standard 4 piece set is all you need to begin your pizza oven adventures. Made from NZ stainless steel with top quality components that will last for years with proper use. 


Deluxe Tool Set

Our Deluxe 5 Piece Tool Set is made of NZ 304 and 306 stainless steel with macrocarpa handles. Set includes Pizza Peel, Pan Hook, Ash Brush, Log Pusher, and a Flame Parter. Made In NZ. 


Short/Long Flue Kit Set

The flue kit set comes with all you need to mount the flue to your oven and surrounding support facility. Our flues and components are made from quality stainless steel. This set excludes support rod


Flue Support Rods

In the case you do not want or have a support structure for your flue, you can purchase a support rod here. Our rods are made in New Zealand from quality materials.


Stainless Oven Door

Our stainless steel oven doors are made with a double skinned design to help keep the heat contained in your oven. This door has been designed to allow the perfect amount of air through whilst keeping the heat contained during the heating process. 


DIY Hearth Building Kit

In this kit we will provide you with the specialist materials required to build your own hearth. You will need to source the bricks, concrete, and boxing timber. You will also receive step by step instructions on exactly how to carry out the build and installation. 


DIY Hearth Kit Details


DIY Hearth Kit Includes:

  • Instructions: The How-To Guide 
  • 1 x Roll of Pyro Tape to seal oven to base
  • 1 x Black Granite Cooking Surface - laser etched
  • 1 Bag KIM additive mortar improver to give increase waterproofing and heat conduction.
  • 1 x Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insert for slab heat conductivity. 

For more information on DYI Hearth Kits and on where to start, please call us on: 0800 22 42 62 - Quantities vary based on your oven size.

It is very important that these instructions are followed carefully to ensure your cooking experience is as good as possible. If the hearth is made wrong, it can have major effects on the stability and efficiency of the heat and cooking times. 

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What Our Customers Say...

​“I have finally got my oven up and running. It’s amazing. Thanks for your help, I am thrilled with the finished product. We had 35 over for a Pizza party two weeks ago; it went well!”

David Hutchinson

“The Pizza Oven is amazing!!! We’ve had a few friends around and they are all very envious. Pizza’s were delicious and so quick to cook.”

Miriama & T Taufale

“We had a fantastic time and the food,well superb was an understatement. The amount of knowledge and skill you guys have is amazing and so worthwhile to novices like ourselves. We are so excited and cant wait to get our oven fired up and start practicing the ART of pizza cooking.”

John & Larraine Mcmahon

How to choose your oven?

Basically we have two different domestic pizza ovens available, the Gem and the Tasman. These ovens differ in size, the Tasman being the larger of the two ovens. You can buy either oven complete with base or without a base.

Firstly, you can simply purchase either oven without a base and build your own base. This would become a fun DIY project with the family. We do recommend you follow our 'how-to' guide when it comes to building your base.

Secondly, you can buy either size oven with our Piazza base attached. When choosing a base, you can either choose the base insert option or opt for a complete free standing base. The insert option is flush with your granite table.

Once you have made your decision on the oven and base type, you can also purchase one of our beautiful wooden tables. There is a table suited to both the Gem and Tasman. There is a table that suits the insert and free standing ovens for both sizes.

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