The Gem

Petite NZ Pizza Oven 

The NZ Pizza Oven of Choice

The Piazza Gem is the NZ Pizza Oven of choice. Our petite work of art performs as a professional oven and comes ready to fire up to make amazing pizzas right in your back yard or domestic pizzeria. Take your cooking and entertainment to a whole new level with the Piazza Gem.  We believe buying your dream Pizza Oven should be exciting, simple and affordable. It is a good time to enjoy professional wood fire pizzas at home with the Piazza Gem Oven.

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Gem Stand Set & Table

The Gem Stand Set includes our heavy duty Piazza Macrocarpa Table which complements your rustic and modern garden themes. 


Gem Insert Set & Table

The Gem Insert Set includes our Deluxe Piazza Macrocarpa Table with our custom made granite top cut precisely for your Gem Oven.


Gem Comparison

Naked Gem$2,549.00
Gem + Base$3,295.00
Gem + Insert$3,295.00
Full SetsSee above $$

Oven, Flue, Door, Temp Gauge

Gem + Free Standing Base

Gem + Insert Base

Table Suiting Free Stand / Insert Base

Gem Pizza Oven

The NZ Pizza Oven of Choice

Take a moment to enjoy our quick video explaining the benefits of your potential Gem, the NZ Pizza Oven of Choice!

Gem: Specifications

Inclusions May Differ Between Sets

  • Fully assembled oven with EfficHeat™ granite base
  • Temp gauge 
  • Double lined stainless door
  • Powder coated steel oven base  (bases differ between models)
  • Lighting and Setup Instructions​
  • Flue and mounting hardware
  • Outer Diameter 900mm.
  • Interior Diameter 700mm.
  • Weight 220kg (Naked Oven); 320kg (Incl Base) 
  • Cooks 20 Pizzas Per Hour Comfortably
  • Caters Easily for More Than 20 people - great for parties and entertainment

What Our Customers Say...

​“I have finally got my oven up and running. It’s amazing. Thanks for your help, I am thrilled with the finished product. We had 35 over for a Pizza party two weeks ago; it went well!”

David Hutchinson

“The Pizza Oven is amazing!!! We’ve had a few friends around and they are all very envious. Pizza’s were delicious and so quick to cook.”

Miriama & T Taufale

“We had a fantastic time and the food,well superb was an understatement. The amount of knowledge and skill you guys have is amazing and so worthwhile to novices like ourselves. We are so excited and cant wait to get our oven fired up and start practicing the ART of pizza cooking.”

John & Larraine Mcmahon

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